About Me

My Work

Trained in photojournalism with an insatiable appetite for the outdoors, my work takes on a very personal and natural feel. New clients often tell me they dislike having their photo taken, but they enjoyed the process of being in front of my camera. You can expect to joke around a little and feel like you're having coffee with an old friend, rather than a sterile, formulaic shoot. 

I photograph people in their own element and enjoy the process of making images that will resonate, regardless of the prescribed outlet. Even something as simple as a headshot is approached with intention so that the viewer is welcomed into your world, your business, your message.

Photo by: Luke Kroeker

My Story

Originally from a small town in Southern Ontario, I moved to Kingston in 2005 which was meant to be a stopover while my girlfriend finished her master's degree. That girl became my wife and after making two beautiful little girls we've become proud Kingstonians. 

Most of my work is photographed within a couple hours from home and ranges in specialty but always involves making meaningful images of people. I photograph 20+ weddings per year, I am a regular contributor to Kingston Life magazine and have several returning clients such as Queen's University and Spafford Health & Adventure.

I have been photographing in a professional capacity since 2011, amassing over 150 weddings, countless magazine publications and covers and worked closely with local businesses and freelance clients, creating unique portraiture for their respective businesses. 

When I'm not behind the camera, I can be found living out my passions of snowboarding and mountain biking and of course raising my girls along side quality time with my wife and extended family.

Photo by: Lucas Tingle

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